We know what it's really like to deal with an ex that will stop at nothing to make your life miserable. We've been there, which is why we've assembled experts to help you.

"Dealing with a high conflict ex spouse? - Stop the insanity! Get the custody you deserve! Stop your ex from alienating your children! Lower your attorney fees with a custody agreement that works!"

Is Your Ex Using Your Children to Punish You?

Unfortunately, one of the easiest, and most used weapons in divorce, is simply the custodial parent not allowing the non-custodial parent to have visitation with their own children. Whether they are using the tried and true false abuse allegations method, your court ordered custody agreement isn't worth the paper it's printed on, or they just want to wield their power over you, you must take action.

While it may feel like your ex is holding all of the power, especially if you are a father in a high conflict custody situation, you can level the playing field! Mr Custody Coach will teach you how to:


Strong Custody Agreements
Court orders have to be enforceable!

Is your court order worthless? In most states, attorneys have an agreement they work from over and over, and it works for custody situations where both adults are truly putting the children first. But in a high conflict custody dispute this agreement is worthless as it leaves things open for interpretation, or flat out gives control to the custodial parent by saying things like "reasonable access." What the hell is reasonable access? Whatever they want it to be! If they want to call you 21 times an hour, they can, and they can change your visitation time because they have a hair appointment, or they can deny you the chance to take your kids on vacation because they won't have reasonable access to them while you are gone. And guess what happens then? You either give in, or go back to court to clarify the agreement, which means more money in your attorney's pockets, and less time with your kids. Mr Custody Coach helps you write concrete agreements that lower chances of arguments, lower attorney costs, and cause less stress:

A custody agreement that is specific enough can stop a lot of harassment and fear, and protect you more than any other document or person in a custody dispute. If you are dealing with an ex that has a mental disorder, it's even more important as they generally have no regard for authority, including the court system. You MUST educate yourself, because chances are, your attorney doesn't understand high conflict relationships and will push you into an agreement that is expensive, but worthless.


False Abuse Allegations
You must protect yourself and fight when threatened!

Answering the door to find a Child Protective Services worker is terrifying. Period. Today's protective laws can do more harm than good in a custody dispute. CPS workers must investigate every claim they are called with, which means you must answer every claim even if you've never so much as spanked your child. Protection From Abuse and Restraining orders can be granted in court without you even being present, you will be kicked out of your home, and denied access to your child because your ex stood in court and claimed you abused her, or she's simply scared that you will hurt her, with no proof needed. Mr Custody Coach can help you:

Even if you think your ex would NEVER file false allegations, knowing how to protect yourself can save your career, custody, and long term emotional impact. You cannot negotiate with an ex that would even attempt to make false accusations.


Parental Alienation
Don't let them ruin your relationship with your children!

"Your Dad doesn't want to see you." Has your child heard that even while you were calling and fighting to see them? Or one of the many other statements custodial parents make to get to manipulate children? While the courts may not agree that "parental alienation syndrome" (PAS) is a certifiable mental illness, parental alienation happens in custody cases everyday. When one parent has children the majority of the time, especially in states where every other weekend for fathers is the norm, the damage they can do to a relationship is frightening. Mr Custody Coach can help you:

Unfortunately, it's not against the law to be a bitch or an asshole, so getting courts and even your attorney to see the emotional damage that is being done to your children is often next to impossible. Which is why you have to fight the alienation on your own terms. The number of ways children can be alienated are limitless, so real time help is essential.


Tired of receiving dozens of harassing emails?
We'll teach you low contact methods that will stop the harassment.

RESPONDING WITH THE TRUTH DOESN'T WORK! Your ex is stuck in the past, reliving all of the wrongs they believe you committed, and trying to make you pay. I'm sure you've already figured out that reminding them of reality (ie what actually happened) does no good, and they never actually address what is best for the kids, only themselves, all while accusing you of doing exactly what they are doing. You need to develop the skills to only respond to what is appropriate. Received one of these emails recently?


Do you feel your blood pressure rising every time you open your inbox? Responding just brings more emails, which cause YOU more stress. They want to fight, they want to keep you involved with them, yes, even if they left you. Mr Custody Coach and his team will teach you what to respond to, what to ignore, and the best way to really piss them off while making them look like idiots in court.


Prepare for Custody Evaluations
Know what evaluators want to hear!

Custody evaluators hold your life in their hands. In the US, the court system is overcrowded with custody cases, so they farm out the real work to evaluators who are supposed to be unbiased. They spend an hour or so with you, your ex, occasionally your children, and then they write a report on who is the better parent and give the court a recommendation on how custody time should be split. For this pleasure, you pay thousands of dollars, and in some cases, can't even call the evaluator into court in order to ask how they came to their conclusions. If the evaluation is against you, you can negotiate with your ex or take it up in court. Since negotiating with a custody terrorist (ie your ex) never works, your attorney gets to make more money. In short, you MUST know what evaluators are looking for, and what your ex will be saying in order to have a chance of winning this test. Mr Custody Coach can help you:

Custody evaluations are important, and a joke at the same time. Can someone really tell which parent has stronger parenting skills in 2 hours? Can evaluators really be unbiased? Some clients go through 3 or more evaluations before they learn the system, don't waste your time and money, educate yourself NOW.

APRIL - You Saved Our Marriage ...

photoI am so thankful to have found your site and for your assistance. It is a great source of comfort to know that we are not alone in this fight.

When you are caught in the middle of this craziness it is very easy to let your emotions overwhelm you and reply to every accusation and idiotic comment that the ex spouse makes. You and your site have been a great help in teaching us the value of low-contact, how to go low contact and assisting us in knowing what to reply to and what not to reply to in addition to helping us draft emails without coming across as antagonistic. I wouldn't say this has resulted in fewer emails from the ex-spouse, but it has given us a greater peace-of-mind when replying to those emails.

We are dealing with a moderate case of parental alienation and in addition to the books recommended by Mr. Custody Coach, the assistance and support received on this site has been instrumental in helping us to detect and prevent further alienation. It is because of a book recommended by you that I was able to contact a professional in the field of parental alienation who put me in touch with professionals in my area. Our judge has suggested counseling for dad and his daughter and I am very pleased that we were able to find someone who has experience and training with parental alienation. We couldn't have done that without you.

Before finding this site, and several times since then, I have seriously considered leaving my spouse. The stress this situation has caused on our relationship has been tremendous. Knowing that we are not alone in this battle and that we can survive as a couple, as parents and as individuals has been a great source of comfort. The support we receive as parents, stepparents, spouses and individuals suffering through this train wreck of a custody battle has been fabulous.

Your posts and advice are knowledgeable and tempered with a bit of humor. I always feel better when I can giggle at a lighthearted comment or even laugh at the eerie similarities we seem to face. That one little giggle can help to pull my despair back into perspective. Without humor, all would be lost.

From my whole family, thank you for all that you do.


KOULADRON - Low Contact brought back sanity ...

photoMichael has been a godsend throughout our custody battle- I only wish I'd found him sooner. His advice on how we should conduct communication with my husband's ex-wife has been invaluable. For years, my husband and I wasted our time and sanity trying to reason with a woman who simply refused to compromise. At its peak, the stress of dealing with my husband's ex-wife had me waking up in the middle of the night, anxiously trying to resolve the situation over and over again in my head. Thanks to Michael, we realized that trying to explain ourselves over and over again was just playing right into the ex-wife's desire for conflict. Over the last seven months, we have minimized conflict by using Michael's "low-contact" methods, which has eased the stress on our marriage as well as our dealings with the ex-wife. Now I can sleep at night and my husband and I aren't constantly at each other's throats, stressed out from trying to reason with a woman who cannot be reasoned with!


SLIPPITS - Fabulous court hearing ...

photoWe reached out to Coach Michael for our most recent court hearings. He quickly jumped on board to offer a helping hand. He offered us a structured plan of action. First and foremost, file our motions immediately as it would take time to get a court date. We reviewed how the parenting plan was disobeyed. Wrote that out clearly. What needed to be done to rectify the situation. Finally what we needed from the courts to be made whole again. We reviewed what we had written, made a few adjustments to remove all the emotions so that the motions filed represented the facts and the facts only. From there he guided us through:

How to gather the facts, organization, reviewing paperwork, presenting our case, how the other side would react, our court conduct, and Coach Michael even went through a mock court hearing with us to get us comfortable with asking the questions we had prepared for the hearing.

This was done over a period of several e-mail exchanges and several phone calls, taking it slowly so that we didn't feel overwhelmed by the process. Coach Michael took the time to make sure that we felt we could stand on our feet.

*With Coach Michael's help we felt empowered.*

Prior to speaking and receiving guidance from Coach Michael we felt that we had to take what his ex wife was dishing out. We felt that we had to come into compliance with his ex wife's demands. Coach Michael was able to assist us with the understanding that the courts are open to both parents. If we were wronged by his ex wife, it was OK to seek the courts intervention.

DH went into court feeling that he could do this. DH felt confidence!! DH felt strong in his convictions. DH was able to stand up for himself in a way that he thought impossible. Thanks to Coach Michael, DH was able to enter into the court room feeling as though his voice would be heard and it was!!


Maximize Custody Time!
Reduce Attorney Fees!
Stop Parental Alienation!

We started Mr Custody Coach after going through a high conflict divorce that took 3 years, 3 custody evaluators and $106,000 before I, Michael Ambrose, finally got 50/50 custody of my children. During that time I had a restraining order against my ex, she lived with her alcoholic bi-polar suicidal sister, filed several false abuse allegations against me, tried to convince anyone who would listen that I had abused her for the entire 10 years of our relationship and marriage yet failed to produce even one police report she said she had, and a history of suicide threats, all of which the court and evaluators ignored.

The court system is designed to keep high conflict spouses in court, attorneys are not trained to work with a client who will not negotiate, or in dealing with personality disorders which is often the reason behind high conflict cases. I've made it my mission to educate others who are trying to be involved in the lives of their children, because even when you finally win shared or full custody, the problems don't end with a high conflict ex.

What You Receive With Your Membership -
Guidance Through:

Private Message Boards - Our clients are encouraged to share and ask for advice on our private message boards. Because they are private you can give details like the state or county you are located, actual email language, or specific court orders, in order to receive the best advice from our experienced staff. You'll find that others have been through the same events and give realistic advice, as well as experts that can help you handle the emotional aspects.

Monthly Conference Calls - Each month we offer conference calls with professionals on topics such as parental alienation where you can ask questions and get advice from experts.

Private Email Custody Coach - (Included in our Platinum membership) Our platinum membership includes Mr Custody Coach or one of his team, helping you respond personally to all emails, calls, or letters from your ex. This is especially helpful to those in extremely high conflict relationships where the ex is harassing you. You also get personal strategies for dealing with evaluations or complaints that have been filed with the courts by having the ability to submit these documents directly to Mr Custody Coach for personal review and guaranteed response. This can help you save attorneys fees by having all of the issues laid out in advance, in a written format that will help you and your attorney fight your case.

Private Personal Coaching Calls - (Included in our Platinum Premier membership) For clients in the heat of custody battles, being able to talk through current issues is often a life saver, whether it's real life scenarios concerning how to respond to threatening phone conversations, or the ability to practice answering questions for a hearing.

"Win Custody, Stop Conflict!"

Our team of experts in custody, support, evaluations, abuse, and communication can help you end the cycle of harassment from your ex, and the abuse of the legal system to keep your children from you. We offer three membership levels so you can choose the level of help you need.

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We don't just give you an ebook and let you figure out what will work in your custody case like other websites. You need personal help, and you'll find that on our message boards and advice from our experts. You'll meet the clients whose testimonials you've read above, you'll have access to advice we've given previous clients 24 hours a day, and our platinum members get guaranteed specific responses to communications you have to respond to from our coaches, which is exactly what you need to lower your stress levels.

To Your Custody Success,
Michael Ambrose
Lexi Ambrose

P.S. This is where we would normally give you something extra to join, but we know if you are dealing with a vicious ex, hate answering the phone, reading your email, and even thinking about the next court date, there is nothing more we can offer you than the chance to learn how to stop the harassment and prepare to win custody as soon as possible. For less than the cost of one hour with your attorney, you can join for an entire year and get the help you need.

P.P.S. Lexi here! For all of you step-mothers out there trying to help your new husband or boyfriend fight for their children, don't be afraid to join to get the help you need! As a stepmother I've had to endure almost as many attacks from Micheal's ex as he has. You can help him win custody, and you can learn how to minimize the stress in your own life by setting appropriate boundaries with the ex and your step children. If you are here it's because you care, and we have many others just like you on our message boards waiting to confirm how you are feeling and how you can move forward to a happy relationship.